Carnival of Homeschooling: The Beach Reading Edition

Janice Campbell

Hi, I'm Janice Campbell, and I'm glad you're here! My mission is to help other homeschooling moms focus on the things that matter- family, literacy, creativity, growth, and service (and for me, each of those is grounded in the love of the Lord)- rather than being entangled by the mundane. I want to share a vision of the delightful adventure your family can enjoy while homeschooling through high school, and to give you a peek at the opportunities you can explore- entrepreneurship, travel, early college, talent development, and more. I'll also share favorite poems and reviews of good resources, as well as a dollop of opinion on mostly education-related topics. Subscribe to my RSS feed, and join the adventure!

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8 Responses

  1. Lovely photos make this a summery carnival….thanks for including my post!

  2. Lots of great posts here! I went to post mine last night, but it didn’t make it somehow. The deadline was Monday, but there was not time listed. Anyway, I posted “Introduction to Portfolios” at

    Thanks for hosting, Janice!

  3. Karen Davis says:

    Great job, Janice!!

  4. Thanks for hosting. Such variety, it will be nice to relax and read like a good book at the beach!

  5. I’m sorry we missed it, Bethany! I’m glad you posted the link here– it’s a very helpful article!

  6. Carol Topp, CPA says:

    Great job, Janice!
    I’m hosting next week’s Carnival. I decided on a theme: All Things Austen. A Tribute to Jane Austen (who was homeschooled!). I will have categories on Extensive Reading, Beautiful Writing, Dancing and other exercise, Music & Arts, An Accomplished Woman and An Intelligent Man.
    It should be fun!
    Submit your posts on homeschooling to It it fits one of the categories listed, all the better!

  7. Alasandra says:

    Loved the theme. Thanks for hosting this weeks carnival of homeschooling.

  1. June 24, 2010

    […] this week by Janice Campbell. Great theme. I think our kids do most of their reading in summer too. I’m delighted to host the […]

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