How to Be a Good Quitter in your Homeschool: Part 1

Janice Campbell

Hi, I'm Janice Campbell, and I'm glad you're here! My mission is to help other homeschooling moms focus on the things that matter- family, literacy, creativity, growth, and service (and for me, each of those is grounded in the love of the Lord)- rather than being entangled by the mundane. I want to share a vision of the delightful adventure your family can enjoy while homeschooling through high school, and to give you a peek at the opportunities you can explore- entrepreneurship, travel, early college, talent development, and more. I'll also share favorite poems and reviews of good resources, as well as a dollop of opinion on mostly education-related topics. Subscribe to my RSS feed, and join the adventure!

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2 Responses

  1. Lind says:

    I have to agree with you on a couple of things! If it is not working, drop it and move on. We did this with writing for a couple of years. No matter how hard I demanded that she write, my daughter simply would not, so I let it go, she could dictate paragraphs, or use speech recognition software, then suddenly, she was writing a book. She is doing so well with writing, I’m considering enrolling her in a course at Time4Writing (not free, but certainly worth it).

    Civil War was the same way, couldn’t get her interested, then we went to Shiloh battlefield, just being among all that history caused her interest level to rise to an amazing level. Who knew a little “hands-on history” would have such an effect? I certainly didn’t or we would have done it earlier! Keep doing what works, and change what doesn’t, ah the beauty of homeschooling! Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you for sharing those stories, Lind. They illustrates the point that students are just like anyone else. They need to have something to say before they will want to write, and real experiences can create real interest that results in lasting learning. It’s amazing what can happen when education becomes interesting!

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